true north bee

I joined a swap on Instagram; the True North bee.

These are Septembers blocks

Amanda will have a real eye catching quilt with these blocks.

I also finished up a table runner with the leftover blocks from my new fall quilt.

And my absolute favourite right now, more Grunge fabric into something extra special.

But no sewing time today, it's back to work!

fun times

I usually take off the first week of school and catch up on whatever I didn't manage to finish of my own during the summer. This year it was more like start what I wanted to make over the summer lol

I started this quilt in July and had it all rolled up ready to sew together since. 

Dare I admit that it took a staggering 45 minutes to finish this top? 

And I couldn't resist jumping into that stack of fabric I posted last week and make myself a new fall quilt.

I love it so much! And I had enough blocks left over to make another little something; it was a very productive week!

quilt monday

I was fallifying the house when I realized  I never showed this table runner that I made last fall.

Super quick and cute. I kept the quilting simple and did a meander around the pumpkins. What I didn't do was quilt in between each of the pumpkin 'slices' which I sort of regret now. But not enough to pull the entire thing apart and redo it.

Funny thing? When I put it on the table I noticed a thread off the left side. I flipped the runner over and discovered that I hadn't even finished the binding!

Binding is the sometimes the best, and my most favourite, part. Can't believe I didn't finish it.

 But it's done now and out for enjoyment. There is just something about pumpkins isn't there?

And speaking about pumpkins, did you see the fabulous pumpkin quilt from CluckCluckSew(link here)? Might have to make that for next fall.

Happy Monday

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