looooong weekend

After an almost an entire week off school(we had school only on Wednesday), we also got to have a holiday yesterday. Now I have no idea what day it is anymore lol.

I took some time over the weekend and quilted a bunch of UFOs. 

And currently have my last UFO awaiting to be quilted. 
I love productivity! 


It started snowing Friday morning. And it snowed. And it snowed. By Sunday at 8am, we were at just under 32inches. We've had more snow since and it has been snowing most of the night so I'm hoping we break the 100cm mark.

In between shoveling, no school and lots of baking, I got some more TrueNorth bee blocks made.

And all ready to start the next 4.

bits and pieces

I started making another Swiss quilt.

Sorry about the nasty ironing board cover. Would you believe that isn't even a year old yet?

I also got distracted by a little something something.

Sometimes some mindless sewing is exactly what you need.

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