quilt monday

 My cousin had a pretty big birthday this year. I didn't have to think long about making her a quilt. Especially when I saw this quilt by Elizabeth Hartman 

Sleepy Sloths

How cute are they?? 

I love the panto I used, GroundCover.

The sloth bodies are actually linen. 
I've never used it in a quilt before and love how it turned out. 
It gives the sloths more of a realistic texture.

And that pop of olive fabric? 

I've already had 2 requests for repeats of this. 
But first, I might have to make myself one :)

Happy Monday!

quilt monday

 When I first saw the True North fabric line, I knew I needed it.

I knew it would be perfect for inside our trailer and I had to have it.

We've been camping the past two weeks. I planned on getting a few artistic quilt pics taken. It was fun finding places that I felt would work for what I had in mind.

I used one of my favourite fat quarter patterns from the book Happy Hour quilts(if you don't have it, I highly reccomend it. I wore one copy out).
I also did something with this quilt that I rarely ever do, I washed it once I finished it.

With this being a Canada quilt, 
the only appropriate quilting pattern was Maple Syrup.

Crinkled happiness.

Now for something funny. We drove down an old road. I had seen the fence from the main road and knew it would be a perfect place for some pictures. The funny part? I was on the side(sort of ) of one of the major highways here in BC, the Coquihalla.

No quilts, or quilters!, were hurt during this photo shoot :)

Happy Monday!

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