quilt monday

Boy3 has been after me to make him a new bed quilt. I made him a gorgeous batik quilt when he turned 16, sadly the fabrics has not held up(and the fabrics were NOT cheap). He gave me some ideas on what colours he wanted and left it with me. 

I wanted to do a two colour quilt, a solid, two colour quilt.
 And I had the perfect pattern.

Mod Charms by QuiltyLove. So quick and fun!

I have made this a few times now. 
And each time I love it more.
A solids version might be my favourite.
For now.

quilted with Malachite
 I backed it with a brushed cotton, not as warm as flannel but still cozy.

I think I need to make another.

Happy Monday!

paper crafting

I did a card making day last week. It was wonderful. 
I haven't stamped in so long and it was a well needed day.

I made 24 cards in 4hrs, a record for me!

But my table has looked like this since

I do love it when my two hobbies collide.

quilt monday

When someone tells me their favourite colour is green, 
you make their quilt with all the green fabrics.

I absolutely adore how this came out.

I do have a funny story about this quilt. 
It finished HUGE. Like, giant. 
I wanted to make it smaller but the rows are assembled lengthwise and I wasn't sure how I could 'shrink' the quilt without taking the entire thing apart.

So I simply whacked off the one end of the quilt.
 It worked and if I hadn't said something, you would never notice ;)

quilted with Bright n Breezy

I  used the leftover greens for the binding and a warm flannel on the back.

Happy Monday!

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