have to admit

3 weeks ago, we were offered a dog. long story short, mom had told them that we would take her. so we did. we loved her. even B, with his dog fear, after the first day, you couldn't keep him away from Bailey.

sadly, Bailey lasted a week. Pepper(the biggest suckiest cat you will ever meet) wasn't adjusting well. the little *gifts* in very unfavorable spots wasn't making for a happy mommy. so we took Bailey back.

the past few days, i have really missed her. missed her excited bark when the boys come home from school. how she loved nothing more than to go outside and chase the squirrels on the back fence, toss the fallen leaves in the air and roll in them. hearing her little claws going *click click click* on the floor. i wish we had stuck it out. i really miss her :*(

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