quilt shows and stamping stores

went to a local guilds quilt show today. i just love looking at all the quilts. i got a beautiful Christmas panel that says Joy to the World. i don't often buy panels but for $5, i couldn't resist! i also found a beautiful Christmas quilt kit pattern that i am going to have to buy myself for my birthday. it will go just perfect on my living room wall :D

after mom and i went to the local stamping store. $70 later, i have the materials mom wanted to make 100 Christmas cards. where can you buy Christmas cards for 70cents each? she picked a card design the store had already done up so my job is actually quite simple.

i've been spending the rest of my day working on my sister in laws Christmas present. i may post just a peek of it later tonight. she reads my blog as well and don't want to spoil it for her!

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