learning curve

mom decided today was the day i was going to learn how to quilt her big quilting machine. i knew how to run her old one-this is a new, fancier(more expsensive lol!!) machine. i always have people ask me about it so i took a picture of it. you have to follow along a pattern with it-you just can't set it to go and walk away.

have to admitt, that was stressful! i did one *tester* baby quilt and did pretty good. it was a simple pattern. i had a baby quilt mom had just finished up for me and i decided i wanted to quilt that. so smart ass that i am, i picked a harder pattern. i did get the hang of it towards the end, but it was pretty nerve racking there for a bit. i'm not thrilled with the quilting-i love the quilt and think the quilting is too obviously a beginner. but its done. now to find a baby to give it too lol!!

*****due to popular demand, lol, here are the 2 other circle baby quilts i've made. the pastel one was the first, the noah's ark one i made for my cousin Shelley's newborn Caleb

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Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Oh wow, is that ever intricate! Are the circles done with applique?

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