gonna be a long one folks

what a fantastic trip! even though we were only gone 3 days-it really felt longer.

trip started off a bit rocky(forgotten passport, too long of a border wait) but it worked out when we got to our hotel in Sultan that first night to discover that it, the restaarant(best mushroom burger ever!) and a gas station were the ONLY things in the town lol. so much for Jim's plan of exploring lol. instead we just had dinner and went to bed.

Friday we were off to Steven's Pass. i don't ski. i don't understand why you would pay all that money for equipemnt/rentals and than take the time to go alllll the way up the mountain and seconds to come down again. just doesn't make sense lol. (i have cross country skied and really enjoy that though)

once we got through the mountain pass(wasn't as bad as we had expected. weather was perfect-sunny and clear the whole time) Leavenworth was just a few turns away. we were thrilled to discover that our hotel was deadcenter Leavenworth. hotel was amazing(not the best picture but only one we got lol)

it was opened in July 2005 and gorgoues. completely fmaily orientated. boys favorite part was the private sledding hill next to the hotel
and the heated outdoor pool. yes, outdoors. Jim took the boys saturday morning. it was 23degrees F out(below zero) and they loved it.

A freaked over the Nutcracker musuem. it was amazing how many nutcrackers they had! and every store we went into had them. those and my favorite of all, Jim Shore collectibles. i'm going to snivel for a long time over the snowman we saw marked down to $23(from $55!) that had a cat and a birdhouse in his arms. when we went back yesterday, he was sold *sob* and i thought i had hid him so well rofl!

all in all, we had a great time. boys were fantastic. we even took a sidetrip out to Wenatchee(i know i've spelt that wrong lol) we were too early to check in on Friday and Jim wanted to get the boys snowpants when he saw all the kids sledding so off to Target(have to admitt, most disappointing Target store ever! ugh!) can't wait to go back!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! A heated OUTDOOR pool in the winter? Sounds crazy - but fun!

Where's my pickle picture, huh, huh??? lol

QuiltNut Creations said...

i'm waiting for my husband to email it to me-he downloaded it onto his computer. i'll post it as soon as i get it

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