gotta love a sale

Fabricland is having their triple discount sale this weekend. i got some fabric to finish off my impulse Christmas quilt-buy 1m get 1 free(will have pictures tomorrow. i'm just finishing off the applique and just might get it sewn together tonight-for sure tomorrow!) found some of those neat wallies wallpaper shapes-tropical fish for B's room(i put them up and when he went to bed he just freaked out lol) and some cool moose/deer/elk/bear ones for the office. also got a very cool christmas ornament(that broke in the bag on the way home so is currently being glued back together) i haven't been to fabricland since summer and was happily surprised with all the neat home decorating items they have brought in. called Jim from the store and told him he needs to head down there tomorrow to do some christmas shopping for me lol!!

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