came to the realization

that telling people i have a blog may have been a mistake. i have a BIG vent i want to post and guess what? if i do and a certain few read it, oh man, it will hit the fan! thing is, i've already voiced my opinion and been sent to the naughty mat, so do i even care about rocking the boat more? *SIGH*

ya, i know you're shaking your head wondering if the full moon has gotten to me lol!

check back later tonight-had a successful day and can't wait to share


  1. WOW, am I nosey! It's driving me nuts that you've teased me so!! LOL!

  2. rofl! sorry Nancy-don't dare go much farther than what i blogged.

  3. I know!

    I had a big vent and then realized that I had to just to go to TP or nothing!


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