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found this on Shelina's blog

I have a new game, and you can play along with me if you want. Sometimes reading a blog through bloglines is a chore. It is such a long list, and it just seems too methodical to go through them. And the www is much more fun and quirky than that.

So here's the game. You go to a blog, click on the comment section and post a note to say hi. You know how in the olden days people visiting came bringing gifts? My mom still does that. Anyway, your gift is your comment.

Okay, once you are done with the comment, look around at the other comments, and choose someone you don't know at all or very well, and click on their name and go to their blog.

Round and round you go, you never know where you will wind up.

Have fun!

2 love it too:

Crunchy Carpets said...

That is one of my fave things to is why my bookmarks go on and on forever....

anikasmama said...

how you doin? (in my best joey voice) ;)

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