enough already!

another storm today and this was the worst of the bunch i believe! was on my way to get the boys from school and a traffic light blew off the post the wind was that strong!

we just got back to mom's and BOOM(literally) out went the power(course i was just warming up the machine to do a quilt!!) spent the next few anxious hours watching the siding fly off the new house next door and branches come raining down on our vehichles in the driveway.

finally braved our way home in a lull in the wind. it was like driving through a warzone; weaving across the roads to avoid the branches, downed wires and peices of fences. scariest thing of all was the sheets of metal roofing literally wrapped around a chain link fence.

got home to discover that we had power(woo hoo!) and the storm didn't seem to have hit here as hard. course now we have thunder and lightening, snow and surprise, surprise, MORE wind *sigh*

by the way, our local paper tonight said that the storm that blew through here on Friday(we lost power with that one), the winds were blowing at 114km/hour-that's stronger than hurricane force!

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