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sorry! i had the brilliant idea to reorganize my craft area yesterday(after B and M got into my paper bits and had them everywhere!) and it turned into a way bigger job than i thought it would be. but i am done now; got allot of stuff cleared out(i filled a recycling bag with paper bits lol!!)

i am almost finished my second altered lunchbox-not sure if i'll post a picture when finished. i don't have a ribbon to match the paper(stop laughing) and i'm really ticked that my so-perfect template that i used on the lid of the first tin doesn't fit this lid(grumble grumble). at least i discovered that before i cut out my patterned paper!

we went for a drive today out in the sunshine-was just a beautiful day here in the lower mainland

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Lisa said...

Oboy - These pictures make my kind of homesick. I grew up in the Fraser Valley near Abbotsford. We've been in the Kootenays since '95, but these are the colours of my childhood. I think I need to phone my Mom. Thanks for posting!

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