two bucks a block???

i am in love love love with Moda fabrics new line called Chocolate. i was in Hamels yesterday(Super Stitcher Saturday Sale woo hoo!) and saw a new fun kit.
it's called Thangles
you first month costs $9($7 for the Thangles and $2 for the fabric) each month is than $2 and you get a pattern and the fabric to make a 9.5(unfinished) block. i chose the Chocolate fabrics(i believe the other option was Modas Poetry collection). In the end, you put the blocks together to make a twin sized quilt(there is the option of a queen size and think i'll go with that. it will make a loverly topper for our bed!)

but $2 a block? you can't beat that! and 4 weeks to do the block? it doesn't get easier than that!

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