i was going to save this for a quilt Monday

but since i want to make something else for this spot, i thought i had better get a picture of it now before it gets put away

i made this quilt about a year or so ago. it was ridiculously easy to put together. to me it completes our bedroom

i took a picture of the back so you could see the detail of the quilting. mom did an absoulteyl amazing job of this quilt. she did feathers in the border, stippled all the white sections, did a wave in the blue and a swirl through the black border

edited to add that mom is mortified that i took a picture of her quilting where she ran over some stitches lol! sorry mom!

1 love it too:

Unknown said...

Tell your mom not to worry, it looks great from where I am sitting. She is a talented lady. I remember my grandmother and my great aunt quilting on the large old quilting frame. Do quilters use them any more? They took up the entire living room or whatever room they quilted. I have three of grandma's quilts and I am so proud of them. She didn't use new fabric; she used material from our old school dresses, her dresses, shirts, feedbags, etc. She never threw anyting away. She used my husband's old army green underwear to make panties for herself when I was throwing them out of the house.

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