saturday sale

have a few stamps i'd like to sell. if you are interested, email me or leave what you would like in a comment and i'll get back to you

prices do not include shipping. most stamps are used and some have minor staining

background stamps-PSX quilted hearts, hampton large handwriting and HERO florentine scroll(SOLD) $8 each, Great impressions collage style stamp with woman's face, butterfly and music sheet SOLD, HERO real poppy(SOLD), unmounted alphasheet-TAKEN

inks $4/each. the green and lilac have never been used. all still really juicy

PSX Painted Lady(butterfly) SOLD, little things saying SOLD,the better part saying $5, cherries $3, handstamped $3, HERO love letter $5, girly girl .50cents, dream .50cents(never used) drink 50cents(never used)

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