Thursday 13

Thirteen Things i want to do in my lifetime

1…. skydive
2.. get a tattoo(i even have it picked out!)
3.. ride in a sailboat(you'd think with dh's grandparents and 2 aunts/uncles each owning one, i would have been invited once in 15yrs to go out on one lol *sigh*)
4.. go to Vietnam
5.. dig the real me out from all this *padding*
6.. learn how to knit
7.. learn to speak another language
8.. hike Mt Baker
9.. be more easy going
10..have my 15minutes of fame(good fame not bad lol!)
11..get to travel across Canada and meet all my online friends the Kettle Valley Railway the best mom, wife and friend

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3 love it too:

Crunchy Carpets said...

I like that list...and I will take you to get that tattoo!!!

QuiltNut Creations said...

but than you would have to take me to find a new hubby lol!!

Anonymous said...

You can learn how to knit if you want to by going to It has pictures as well as videos to teach yourself. Give it a try.
Cindy van Oorschot

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