almost finished

was hoping to have all the borders on today but i did some quilting at mom's today. did a small lap quilt as practice than, my first customer quilt!! i forgot to bring my camera so will have to get pictures of it next week. did a fairly good job-except for the 3/4s of a row i had to frog stitch(rip it lol)-that took just over 2 hours!! it was a flannel quilt and when i rolled it, the batting bunched and i quilted it until the quilt *duh*

mom is thrilled i've come far enough to do some customer quilts(she is booked into May already!!) and i love using the machine. i plan on getting the borders on this wall hanging tomorrow and quilting it on Tuesday


  1. Hey there Rhonda, stop at my blog...there's something for you there!


  2. This is a really pretty wall quilt:)
    BTW, welcome to the ranks of longarmers! I hope you like the work. It's always challenging, but can be a lot of fun, too.

  3. This is an AWESOME quilt! WOW!! I'm so amazed with these! You do some beautiful work!! Nice blog!!


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