applique continued

after i got the shapes all traced out, i picked the fabrics i wanted to use and ironed the heatnbonded shapes to the correct fabric

than i cut out all the shapes

lots of leftover bits

for most appliqued blocks, you need to fold the block into quarters so you get your pieces on straight. than when you have it laid out like you like(tip, do this on the ironing board. its almost impossible to move a large block to your board without shifting your pieces lol) than iron them down

that's as far as i'm going to get today. i've gotten a cold and the thought of sewing just isn't appealing today


  1. I'm following your progress. it looks really pretty so far. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. wow..that is are one talented chickie!!!

  3. Your quilts are just wonderful. I can't believe how much you get done... spotless house, home cooked meals, cards, quilts... wow!


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