my favorite quilting technique is applique. i was flipping through a quilting magazine at mom's the other day and fell in love with 2 different wall hangings(one will be for our bedroom and one for the kitchen). thought you may find it interesting the steps that you take for applique as i make the quilt for our bedroom.

here is the pattern. its smaller than i would like so i will be making the outer border an inch or 2 bigger

the fabric i picked(i had filled my punch card at Hamels so i got it for only $28. and that's including fabric for the kitchen quilt as well) it is from the Wuthering Heights Collection by Moda

first thing is to trace all the applique shapes onto heat n bond. you need to trace however many pieces you need. this pattern requires 4 of the circle shapes, 48 hearts and 16 leaf pieces

my next step will be to iron the heat n bond to the correct fabric and cut all the pieces out. that's as far as i've gotten now. will show you more tomorrow

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Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Thanks for sharing how to do applique - I am extremely interested in learning this!!

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