it's Saturday!

and i'm dreading it lol! have to race over to work (mom is enjoying the weekend at a trade show in Seattle), pick up the sitter since tonight Jim and i are going to see Rascal Flatts in Vancouver. sadly, i'm not looking forward to it lol. i have so much to do around here the idea of spending all that time going to a concert is driving me nuts rofl! i know we will have fun though. especially since we may stop at Ikea on the way.

here's a quick card i made for my niece. got the idea from Taylored Expressions and her cupcake card. mine isn't as cute, i was in a rush and this will have to do

have a great Saturday!!

2 love it too:

Anonymous said...

Cute stamp! Love your cards, Rhonda! :)

Sorry to hear life is so stressful. I think you should just forget about all the stuff you need to do and just ENJOY yourself tonight. Really. It'll be good for ya!

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

ahhh the chaos life brings...sigh, time to kick back and relax now:)
That is a cute cupcake card!!!

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