my first customer quilt

pattern used is Autumn Leaves by Sue Schmeiden

and a warm-up quilt. hated the polyester batting. that stuff should be outlawed!


  1. Both quilts look very nice! I think the stitching is good on the close-up picture.

  2. Whoo Hoo! You're official now! Congratulations - your stitching looks great.

  3. As you can see I'm exploring your site. I hate polyester batting and haven't used it for years. I only use warm and natural now, you can prewash it which I like and you can quilt wide apart on it, since I am not good at machine quilting I do it minimally. I have got used to the flat look. Poly might be all right for the puffy look on a wall hanging only.
    I'm off to look a bit farther.


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