spring giveaway!!

sewers and quilters, this one is for you! just reply to this post and i'll award the winner a few prewound bobbins(shown in the picture is tan, grey and black. i may throw in a few more colors) these bobbins are fantastic, 100% cotton and work in a regular sewing machine(i have a Pfaff) or in a longarm. will pick the winner on Friday(march 23)

planning another giveaway on April 1st but need YOUR help! if i hit 5000hits by the first, i'll give away TWO sets of goodies. will announce all the details on next week


  1. What quilter wouldn't be interested in this blog candy! Count me in.

    Janet B

  2. Oh goody, who wouldn't like a giveaway?
    I've been thinking about having a giveaway on my blog, but just haven't thought of the right thing to give away yet. I might do it one of these days or months yet.

  3. okay, so I am not a quilter...you can barely call me a sewer but I do sew...rarely, only cuz I am not the greatest. I am however going to be making curtians for the bottom of my 9 yr olds loft bed (wish me luck...lol).

  4. Ohhhh la la... nice blog candy!! I'd *LOVE* to win pre-wound bobbins!! Thanks for offering up such a nice giftie.


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