quilt monday

A made this quilt for me while staying over at my parent's. he did all the sewing and cut out the applique(mom did the rotary cutting and did the quilting). i love this quilt-it is just too cute. sadly, one of the hearts ran when it was washed. first time we've had that happen. mom and i treat all our *bleedable* colors right away when we buy them

might be a bit slow with the postings this week. kids are out on spring break-yippee!


  1. Love your quilts! To help you with bleed outs, buy a box of "Dye Magnet" (which are like dryer sheets) and baste a sheet on top of the area where it has bled. Wash and dry it and just keep checking the area underneath. After a number of washing/drying cycles, the red should all be absorbed into the dye magnet sheet. Good luck! I have done this process to a couple quilts and the results made me do a 'happy dance'.


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