quilt monday


  1. Beautiful quilt! I've been reading up on applique and I was wondering, when you do it do you use freezer paper as the base and then cut a hole in your backing fabric to remove the paper after you've sewed the applique on? That is the method I was reading about so I just wondered if that's the way you do it. You are my quilting idol!! LOL

  2. Wow--absolutely beautiful. What I want to know is, how do you find the time? I need to know your secret.


  3. wow, you are one busy bee. That is very beautiful!!!

  4. You have a great blog. I love all your quilts. I am new to the Quilting for Pleasure ring and am having fun checking out all the wonderful blogs.

  5. Hey Rhonda, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my 800 number rant! It's okay, I'm not mad at your husband - he doesn't have to hide from me!!!

    Your quilts and cards are so wonderful - I think I said that before but I've been negiligent in visiting lately. I used to do a lot of quilting and love to see what others are making.

    You inspire me to think about getting a project going for the long trip we have planned.... :)


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