my crafting space

my apologies for not having anything crafty and exciting to post this week. Jim is gone again(been in San Diego since Sunday afternoon) and i'm exhausted lol. why is it that the closer the end of school gets, the more activities the school has the kids do? but i have to say, i am a very proud mommy to say that J was invited to attend the city-wide math challenge tomorrow. it's open to all students in grades 5, 6 and 7-J is in grade 4 and was invited to attend. i was told today that he was tested and he is able to do grade 7 math with no problems! he doesn't get that from me lol!

so i thought i would show a picture of my craft space. i've probably shown this before but if i've forgotten, maybe you have too lol!! this is my table. i LOVE this table. it's counter top height so my back doesn't hurt for leaning over it. 99% of the time i stamp standing up lol. the bins on the end hold all my *loose* stamps and my unmounteds. the bins under the table hold all my leftover fabric scraps that i have deemed still usable lol!

my cardstock and paper is all in the tub in the bottom(sorted by color). the plastic bin on top of that contains all my fibres and prima flowers. the three blue boxes hold my stamp pads and adhesives, scissors etc.
yes, that is my sad collection of SU stamps. i do have an order currently waiting at my SU *dealer*(heehee!) and i have another order ready to place too! the tins on top are cards i've made and the wicker basket next to them hold cards i've received

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Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing. I know what it's like when the hubby is away, my is gone a wee bit too often & we have no one here but me to do it all.

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