quilt monday

one of my *fridge* quilts lol


  1. Wow, even your fridge has a quilt! How cool is that!!

  2. Thats a lovely quilt!

    Do you do quilts on commission?
    How do you know what to charge for a quilt and finally how long does a quilt take to make?

    Sorry for all the questions!

  3. Cindy, i used to have a quilt hanging on our kitchen door but when we replaced the door, i couldn't hang a quilt on the new one. so i stick them on the side of the fridge lol

    Claire, i do and have done quilts on commission. The cost and time involved really depends on the fabrics and the quilt pattern chosen.

  4. Thanks Quilt nut, my mum loves quilts and i would love to have one made for her, so i am information gathering!


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