quilt monday

this is one of two different denim quilts i've made. you use old jeans, cut them up than into strips. for this quilt, you pick a size of block(if i remember right these are 8inches)you than cut that size square of of paper(i used typing paper. thinner than regular paper but isn't as thin as tracing paper) you sew the strips to the paper at an angle. fun part is you can overlap the strips to make them as wide or as narrow as you like.

than you sew the blocks together in groups of 4, add the sashings and sew the quilt together. once the top is together, you get the fun job of taking all the paper off the back(be prepared for a BIG mess lol) i tied this quilt. once you get batting(polyester in this one to make it puffy) and the backing(cotton on this one)it makes for a very heavy cozy quilt.


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