successful day

went to mom's this afternoon to work on our new website(okay so Jim did that lol) while mom and i had a chance to sew. i had two goals, first to get that stupid Buggy Barn quilt done and guess what? its all together!! WOO HOO! went waaaay faster than we thought(mom was just finishing hers when we left) will hopefully get it quilted next week


  1. That looks awesome Quiltie! That's the one you posted about a while ago right?

    Fantastic job! I wish we lived closer - I'd come over just to see how you do that!

  2. I know you had trouble with this quilt..but what a great end result. It looks fab.

  3. oh wow this is so cute love it .
    Beth au

  4. Gorgeous quilt! Was it a pain in the neck to put together? My sister would LOVE a quilt like this - since she is crazy for cats.

  5. Wow that looks great. I can't imagine all the work that went into it!! Whoohoo for you!!!

  6. WOW, almost makes me want to work on mine...


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