tempting tuesday!!-i forgot!!

ack! i can't believe i forgot(okay i thought next Tuesday was the 31st *blush*) so, comment on this post and Thursday night i'll(the random number thingy will lol) pick the winner.

and because there wasn't allot of cards posted last month(i really must change that for May!) you can pick a card from either March or April. good luck!!


  1. Well--my fav so far is the one from January with the coffee/tea cup on it. Simple, yet lovely. The fibre is great too.

    I really do love your blog--you always keep it up to date and have really interesting things on it.

    Thanks Rhonda.


  2. Pick me! Pick me!


  3. I haven't had an opportunity to read your blog this week, my dh has been in Vancouver for two weeks. By night time I do not feel like reading the computer. lol



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