Thursday 13

13 of Pet Peeves

1. slow drivers
2. tailgaters
3. ghost cars
4. laziness
5. the permanent line at our closest Tim Horton's and the incompetent employees that work the drive thru!
6. clothing sizes :p
7. household budgets
8. gas prices(a 7cent jump overnight? and oh look, a long weekend!)
9. dishonesty
10. why smokers hang around restaurant/store entrances so we can walk through their haze *cough cough*
11. the Vancouver Giants
12. TV reruns
13. thinking of 13 things every Thursday lol!!

3 love it too:

Smalltown RN said...

Hey those are good....and yeah wassup with the gas can't tell me the oil companies haven't been making a killing this year...this is absolutely criminal!!!!

oh here is my email address....

Akelamalu said...

I can go with number 13 and this is the first time I've joined in!

Claire said...

Ghost cars?
Clothing sizes are crap!
13 things is getting increasingly difficult!

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