yard work

got all these rocks yesterday and can you believe we need more?

and a huge THANK YOU to Jim's brother Peter for stopping by on their way home from Kamloops. we feed them dinner and Peter helped Jim move all the rocks :D this is as far as we got today. need more dirt and a few more BIG rocks to finish it off. will have to wait until next weekend now unless we luck out and find a store open tomorrow


  1. Rhonda, wow - that looks like a lot of work! But I bet it will be beautiful when it is done. This is my first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed it...very well organized and nicely written...great stuff...I will be back.

  2. that's a lot of rocks....my hubby works in stone....granite....he makes all kinds of things...I love stone....I love the left over granite I too can make things...I am going to make mosaic stepping stones for my garden...I will have to show you when I am done...

  3. Love your new rock garden. What kind of plants are you getting next? I hope we get a chance to see it grow through the summer months.

  4. hi Jeanne, we are planning on sticking with basically rock garden plants. low to the ground, little maintance. i'll post more pictures as it *grows*


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