2 for the price of 1

did a customer quilt today. i love Trip Around the World quilts. i used Jodi Beamish' Inkblot quilting pattern

i also completed a charity quilt i started in April. had difficulties with this one-batting would not lay flat and the border fabric was a cotton/poly and wouldn't lay flat either. in the end, the quilt looks fairly good-you can't see my screw ups unless you look closely lol(and at one point i even ended up doing the pattern backwards lmao!) i used Lorien's Flowing Feathers


  1. Good work with both quilts. I especially like the TATW, too.

  2. I like trip around the world quilts too. I have an unfinished one in a 'quilts in progress' container, and hope to get it done some day... probably not this year though. :-) Where do your charity quilts go? A group of us from church once got together and made 10 baby quilts for pro-life society.. that's been the extent of my charity quilt work so far.

  3. BQM, the charity quilts are mostly sent to orphanges in the Ukraine and some go to single moms and their children here in the lower mainland.

  4. Both blue and whites... I like the TATW quilt too, and have it on my mental list of things to do, but I would probably do it the way you wee some antique quilts where they try to keep to the colour pattern, but use up what they've got. But don't get me started thinking of a new quilt to start! I enjoyed seeing the patterns for the longarm quilting - keep it up.


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