birthday madness

a fun filled day was had today. Jim took M out for breakfast(McDonalds because M didn't believe us when we told him you could get pancakes there lol!) than a haircut for him, clean the house, wrap presents, off to the indoor playplace for his friend birthday(we were the only ones there(woo hoo)and why do people NOT rsvp? huge pet peeve of mine!) most of the moms came 1/2 hour early to pick up their kids, one came at exactly 6:30(sigh).

than a quick trip to the bakery to get his cake and raced home for a late dinner, presents and cake. whew!

here is the card i made for him. M loves ducks(at last count we had 43 stuffed ones lol) i was lucky enough to get this adorable stamp in some blog candy


  1. Hello there, I just came across your blog and realize that you and I live in the same city... a post about going to Hamels tipped me off :-) I'm also taking part in the Thangles BOM, but am only finished January. Just thought I'd say 'hi'.

  2. Happy birthday to your little man :-)

  3. Happy happy birthday! Hope it was fun for everyone.

  4. Happy Birthday to M!! thnx for sharing ur story.......he is ur miracle and u r one strong lady!!
    Take care!!

  5. Happy birthday M!!! I hear ya about the RSVP thing drives me nuts too!!! Very cute duck card!!!


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