card friday

had this Bella leftover after i made a bunch of Mother's Day cards. was tucking her into the *not finished cards* file when i found this card front. she fit just perfectly in the stitching on the mulberry so there she went.

have a great Friday!


  1. Love your bella card. Just love it. :D

  2. OK. I have a really stupid question, and you're probably going to laugh at me, but I have to ask:

    The Bella girl is a stamp, right? When you stamp it is it just a black outline and then you colour it in? I've never done stamping before. (Yeah, like you couldn't tell, lol)

    I love her though - however you do it! :-)

  3. not a stupid question Kai! you were right-except i watercolor mine in(same basic idea of what you said though) another popular thing is to stamp them on patterned paper and cut out the clothes and put those on her instead of coloring it in

  4. Thanks! That makes sense now :-)


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