a single mom at our church is due next month and i thought i would make her a quilt. i know she is having a boy. thought i would do a rail fence quilt and picked up the following fabrics(i picked the colors from the polka dots. i still need to add some white) i was thinking of doing a skinny border with the dark blue and the wild polka dots will be just for the outer border. my question(worry lol) is this too wild?

edited to add that i went to Hamels today for their Saturday sale and picked up a different blue to add in place of the royal blue. hoping to get this cut out tonight. thanx for the encouragement


  1. I dont think its too wild, very nice colors together :) I cant wait to see the finished product! xoxo melzie

  2. I like the fabric - I'd be delighted to receive a baby quilt made with it (no I'm not pregnant LOL).

  3. Love the dots, sold out of them in my booth today. The combo will make a lovely baby quilt...you're a honey for doing it!



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