remember my lovely rock garden? well, this is what happens when you have a bird feeder hanging above lol!

i went to our local garden store(okay i was there yesterday too lol!) picked up some plants to make mom a basket for Mother's Day(will take a picture and post it tomorrow) planted some planters for myself as well(and the look on Jim's face when i came home with a trunk full of plants. apparently that was to be my Mother's Day gift. good thing i still have empty baskets lol!)

Jim and the boys spent the day scrubbing off the deck and all the furniture than Jim got up our new gazebo. i got all the gardens weeded(and most of what used to be the rock garden) it was a very productive day


  1. Yes, I've got a good harvest of barley growing under my bird feeder at the moment!

  2. That's why I moved the bird feeder to above the lawn.

  3. That's funny - I never thought of it doing that, makes sense though!


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