got some stamping done today. i am loving this Martha Stewart ink i got from Michaels! in the first card, i colored one of the primas with the ink.


  1. ohhh - I went to Michael's today (left my wallet in the promised to my husband). I'm liking the 18x18 paper (the album is a little big) but think of all the cool folds you could do with it. I didn't see the ink (they aisle was still being stocked) - I'll have to check it out again. What's so special about it?

  2. These are very pretty...I'll have to check out the inks next time I am out there!

  3. Laura, loved the 18x18 paper too. those albums were/are amazing!

    i just love the color of the ink. the pad is nice and juicy too.

  4. I always wondered what would happen if I inked my flowers...I'll have to try now.

    And I got my stamps. thanks :)
    Can't wait to play with them...too bad I was born beautiful and not rich and I have to work so much. lol


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