Thursday 13

Thirteen Reasons i Hate Being SICK

1. headaches
2. nothing tastes right
3. i'm grumpy
4. my nose hurts from all the kleenex
5. coughing
6. sleeping sitting up
7. breathing through my mouth
8. being whiny
9. not sleeping
10. that i can't talk(but Jim and the boys love it lol)
11. cough syrup *gag*
12. that it's the long weekend and i'm sick!


  1. Hope you feel better soon... Thanks for putting me in with your favourite blogs. I like to read yours too, and I think I'll take a look at the others on your list.

  2. Hope u feeling better!!!....i hate being sick and im the worst patient and winters coming.....i just know im going to suffer!!!
    look after u!!


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