barn stars

i've been searching for these for a few months now. saw some done up on Splitcoast and really wanted to do one for us.

i found some at our London Drugs stores. ours is quite large. i didn't realize how big until i got it home lol. i've hung it on the wall already- i haven't decided yet what colors i'll use to alter it. i love the look of it


  1. I love your barn star. I have been tempted to get one for myself!

  2. These are super popular in TX now. I see them in lots of places!

  3. OH i love your star....I can hardly wait to see what you decide to do with it....cheers...and your garden looks great!

  4. Jeepers, I would not mind to get my hands on one myself! They do say 'country' don't they.


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