mom and i made a delivery today to A Quilted Stitch. i got these wonderful goodies there. how cute are these little patterns? the table runner pattern makes a runner 9x35 and the This and That pattern finishes
as a 24.5 inch square. great little gifts for friends!

also got this small lap quilt kit-it will look perfect on the dining room table. the camera didn't pick up the colors very well, its more of a burgundy red than an orange red

than it was off to Ikea(yes again lol!) mom needed a few more shelves for the studio. went to Costco and Linens and Things(LOVE that store) as well. finally got my passport photo done at Costco(why do we have to have glasses off for the picture? how silly) and i bought some gorgeous new sheets for our bed(yes we needed them lol!)and most importantly, i brought my sewing machine home!!

was a great way to spend a rainy saturday!


  1. How fun... shopping! lol. I have to say, you're the second person to say you've been to Ikea in the past couple of days, and now I'm thinking I need to go. *sigh*

  2. I work part time, i design (till ungodly hours!!!) Ikea for me lol....happy shopping trip!!!!

  3. I have my ikea list ready and waiting..been bugging dh since last wednesday....he begged ME to leave him alone till this week...

    Oooooh so many things to buy!!!
    Soooo little money.....

  4. Barb. dare i say this was my second trip in 3 weeks to Ikea? lol. we were in and out in under an hour-knew exactly what we wanted and almost where it was lol!


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