teacher gifts

M has his preschool graduation on Wednesday. i'm already teary. not for the fact that he is going to be in kindergarten soon, but for the fact that our friendship with our preschool is coming to a close.

B attended there one year as well, M has gone for two years. it's a YMCA preschool and i only chose it when we moved here for the reason that it is located right on the elementary school grounds.

the school is fantastic, i have no complaints. the teachers are amazing and it's going to be hard come Friday when their year is over.

here is the gift we got the preschool teachers(and B and J's teachers as well. sorry for the bad picture!) for this school year(i forget i had to print M's pictures tonight so i ran out to Shopper's Drug Mart and just printed them all an hour ago lol)
had to finish up the cards as well. glad i had colored in the Bella's yesterday!


  1. What awesome cards and a cute framed picture! WTG on getting these done! :D

  2. Great cards and a frame -- they will love it.

  3. love your card ideas. again you are very creative..



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