tempting tuesday!!

comment on THIS post, i will draw a winner Tuesday evening. winner gets their choice of any card i posted in the month of June. good luck!!

and the winner is-Busy Quilt Mom! email me your snail mail and the card you'ld like and i will mail that off too. thanx for playing everyone


  1. Whoo Hoo!

    I didn't miss it this week - and I'm even #1!

    I'm picking a Bella :-)

  2. Pretty card! I love that swirly stamp with the leaves.

    Your blog looks fantabulous now that it's nice and wide! Your banner looks better with this layout I think. :-)

    Thanks for the country folk newsletter... I guess I'm not subscribed cuz I only got it from you.

  3. Cards?! Did someone say cards?! :D

  4. I came by via Kai's site where she posted that you do this contest every Tuesday so I just had to come over and throw my name in with the others!

    If I win I'll be sure to tell Kai thanks!!

  5. Hi QN. I came here through Kai's site. I can see why she likes your blog, it's beautiful here. You are a very talented gal. What a gorgeous card. I'm going to surf around your blog a bit more and see what other cards you've done... for me to pick my winner from, haha.

    Have a great evening.

    Imma BCGalToo

  6. WOW... I've had that look at your other cards and WOW... beautiful work! I'd love to learn to do those.

    Imma Impressed!

  7. Ooooh niiice.

    That is actually a great design.

    You are so creative!!!!

    suck up suck up suck up!


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