Thursday 13

Thirteen of my Favorite Plants in my Garden

and green surprises!


  1. great garden pics!!! u got me addicted to the truemom confessions as well lol.......sad if some of them r true!!!
    take care

  2. very nice! is that a passion flower in there about to open? I've been dying to get one but don't have a spot to put it! We just planted some straw flower seeds for the kids, they're such a neat flower...almost dried. Did you get yours from seed or buy them as plants?

  3. the flowers are, in order, climbing daisy vine, an orange climbing rose, strawflower(not by seed), a budding poppy(didn't even know i had planted those in the front garden lol!), hydrangea, dhalias(can't get enough of those, i have over 20 of them), climbing rose(when we moved in here, it was a mess. i hated this rose. we whacked it right back than i dug it out and moved it. last summer we had a rose of sharon there and i noticed the rose was coming back. it is in fantastic shape now and looks just beautiful), honeysuckle vine, white climbing rose, my walking stick tree, apples on the crabapple tree, trumpet vine(can't wait until they start blooming!) and some surprises


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