weekend fun

had a very busy weekend! from B's birthday party and a baby shower Friday night to Jim ending up working all day Saturday than he and i went off to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill(fantastic! if you are going, it was awesome!!) Than a quick Father's Day lunch and off to the airport went to Jim.

i took some pictures today of M to give his teachers for their year end gift. i thought it would be cute to have him and all his stuffed ducks-i think he has enough lol!!


  1. That cake looks so good! Love all the ducks!

  2. Great looking cake!

    And cute pictures with all the ducks! :-)

  3. the cake was good-for a vanilla one. i could not convince him to get a chocolate cake. at least it kept me away from the leftovers lol!!

  4. I just looked at the cake (very nice by the way, I'm not too talented in that area, though I try!), and noticed that your son has the same name as my son (except we haven't shortened his yet.) Nice name!


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