remember i posted about buying an APQS quilting machine-the Lenni? well, i'm not now. i was the second person to buy one(submitted my order June 1st when it was launched). i got a letter from APQS middle of June saying my delivery date would be the third week of August-woo hoo! but than i got a letter on Tuesday saying that at the earliest my machine would be here towards the end of September-what?!?!? gave them a call today and they aren't even built yet and that's the end of it. so my options were/are either wait(and the person i spoke to figured it would be as late as October) or cancel the order. neither option works-mom and i have a stack of quilts and we NEED the second machine.

than i get a phone call from my APQS dealer and she offers me the sweetest deal so i jumped at it. a Liberty machine, hardly used and i can have it as soon as we get back from holidays(and i drive up the hill to pick it up lol!)


  1. Phew! I'm glad you got it worked out. :)

  2. Ack! I'm sorry to hear that, I was waiting for reviews about Lenni. Glad you found a quick solution.


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