double the fun

finished up the baby quilts i started when we were on holidays. by not reading the instructions, i ended up cutting enough fabric for a twin sized quilt(not sure how i had that much fabric as i did buy for the baby quilt size lol) so i ended up with 2 boy quilts and 2 girl ones. i did end up running out of the jungle print in the boy quilts-not enough for borders on both quilts. so i put it on the top and bottom of each quilt and will pick up one of the greens in the print to finish off the sides. this boy quilt has an orange inner border, the other one has the royal blue.

funnily enough, i had enough fabric to finish off the girl quilts. its amazing how using the same pattern and just different colors can make the quilts look so different. the girl quilt is really large, the border was supposed to be 6.5inches-i cute it 3.75 and i may trim it down a bit more.

i love how soft the girl quilt turned out and the brightness of the boys. with finishing these, i now have 7 of my own projects waiting to be longarm quilted-i'm getting very swamped lol!

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