Happy Canada Day

had a great day. local garden center was offering free train rides. than off to a local lake and zipped around in our boat(Jim said he had to *test* it for the year before we head out on holidays lol). had a picnic on the beach, boys played for hours-we just may not make the fireworks this year lol.


  1. Happy Canada Day!!It looks like you had a great day! So did I.

    On my blog I did a Canada Day post. I'm about to do a Manic Monday that will be at least partly about Canada Day.

    Hope you can drop by and see them.


  2. Canadian dog invites all hoomans to her doggy bloggy to see the Canada Day tribute.



  3. I think we've been to that garden center before - it was a school field trip and they had a spooky Halloween train!

    Glad you had a nice day! :-)


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