the Stanley Cup

made a brief appearance here yesterday. Brian Burke is part owner of our WHL hockey team so he brought it to town. Jim and i were able to sneak off to the mall to get a glimpse of it and a few pictures. it was an absolute zoo-hard to get a good picture but we got to see it and that's all that matter

good timing too. we weren't there five minutes before they packed it up and whisked it away.


  1. Hey girly...I have Emailed you a few times to try to organize getting you your ribbon holder. It is ready for you so just Email me & I'll give you my number so we can plan something.



  2. Cool...I've seen the Stanley Cup too..back in 1996 or 1997 in Canada. the middle of a restaurant of all places!!

  3. I was at Ferris State University last Monday with my daughter's basketball team and the Stanley Cup was at our hotel (very early) and later at the facility the camp was held at. The place was mobbed and they were charging $5 to have your picture taken with it!


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