it has begun and i'm finding it allot harder to find time to do any stamping or quilting! so if my postings start slowing down(i'll still try hard to post something every day-i just can't guarantee it will be craft related) i apologize in advance!

we are leaving for holidays on Friday. i've been trying to get 3 wallhangings quilted so i can work on the binding on the drive to the lake(i love doing it in the car) i got the buttonholing completed last night and should have time to quilt them tonight(fingers crossed!)


  1. hi there, I just have 1 question. You have 3 kids, when on earth do you SEW???? I'm still trying to get #2 child's baby quilt finished (he's 2 now) so I can go buy fabric and begin #3's (she's 4 months). Then there's this sofa I'm trying to recover.......
    lovely blog, quite an inspiration.

  2. hi mightymom, we actually have 4 kids lol! i am a night owl, i usually stay up late quilting and its also easier with the kids older

    thank you :)

  3. Those are adorable birdhouse wallhangings! :D Is that an original pattern or can you direct me to the pattern designer? :) Enjoy your vacation!! :D


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