tempting tuesday!!

leave a comment on this post and you have the chance of winning the card of your choice from the month of July that i have posted on my blog. good luck!

Judy, you are this months winner! please email me(link under my picture) your snail mail info and which card you like.

thanx everyone!


  1. Morning Rhonda. Love this card--but then I love all your creations.

    You're quilts are amazing girl!


  2. Rhonda, I too love your creative, beautiful cards. And you do fanastic work with your quilts, now I do know why your Blogger name is Quilt Nut.


  3. I love your cards !! And I LOVE the quilts you make!!They are soo beuatiful!Thanks for the chance to win one! Judy

  4. Opps sorry I know its for a card not a quilt but if you ever decide to do that I am soo in!!! Judy (again)

  5. Well, I've been on a lucky streak lately with blogs, so maybe it will continue. Thanks for the offer!

  6. I love ur cards, id love to have one for my inspiration wall....and i dont usually enter giveaways, but ill cross my fingers!!!


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