thanx to

Dawn for awarding me a Rockin Girl Blogger Award!

My five nominations are

Barb-she does amazing scrapbooking and has two adorable boys that are the focus of most of her papercrafting creations

Lisa who's talent amazes me with her quilting and other crafts

Crunchy Carpets-i love her point of view(most of which i agree with lol!) her writing style is fantastic and the stories her kids come up with keep me laughing

Kai-now she's been nominated a few times but i'm pretty sure her ego can handle another nomination ;) lol! Kai seriously does rock

and lastly,
Paper Possiblities i stumbled across Lesa's blog a few months back. i LOVE her style of stamping and the colors she uses. always stunning creations to be found


  1. Awww - thanks! You're such a sweetie! Especially considering I've been such a crappy blogging buddy lately!

    But I'm finally finished with this whole painting mess! Now the house is up for sale, so I just have to concentrate on keeping it clean! :-)

  2. Hey, thanks so much for the award, Rhonda! You're so sweet. :)

  3. What a hoot! Thanks Rhonda! That totally made my morning.
    (doing my 'rockin' girl dance)


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