eight random facts

my cousin Amy tagged me with this meme. so 8 random facts about me

1. i have moved 16times in 33yrs
2. my first car was a 1967 Studebaker Lark. i sold it for $50(and cry over that now)
3. i've gone skinny dipping
4. my first job was berry picking(made $134 and thought i was rich. that was for all summer)
5. i can't knit or crochet
6. i once swam in a fountain on a main city street with Jim
7. i've been cliff diving
8. i've street raced

2 love it too:

QuiltNut Creations said...

should i mention i haven't done anything on the list since we moved 3yrs ago? lol!!

Alisa said...

Hmm, which fountain? Maybe the same one that I dumped a bottle of Sunlight into?!!

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